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If you were ever curious what parts of your social networking profiles people look at the most, this new study should help shed some light on it for you.

Among all the Link Building techniques Link Exchange is one of the important parts for achieving high Search Engine Rankings. The practice of Link Exchange is always seems to be difficult as it looks hard to find one good website with a great number of back links, High PR and Authority in Search Engines. Webmasters usually look for those websites and it is very hard job to find them too. Today I just want to share a Trick to find websites that is likely to be more beneficial and you will find out that how easy is to find relevant business websites and establish Effective Link Exchange Campaign.


Searching for theme-related websites in your particular niche is always a hard job in my thought. The success rate of getting successful Link Exchange is very low as most of the authority websites always looks for Good Quality Blog sites. For a brand new websites that have a very low page rank say ( 0 to 2 ) it becomes a great headache to approach for Authority Websites. The very known methods of Link Exchange are listed below :-


  • Searching on Google Blogs
  • Checking Websites Footer links to get Partner References
  • Finding Target Websites on Directories like



Did I missed something? Well the other most important trick is to find your target relevant business websites on Domain Name Finder or Suggestion Websites. Let me Explain in Detail


For a perfect Example I shall take an example of ( A website to find Domain Name Generator). Suppose you are having a website of Entertainment Niche like ( Games ). Just put your main keyword Games and press enter. This tool will shows you hundreds of results of those Domain that are available and also others who are already been taken by other Webmasters and those websites are live in results of Google and other search Engines.


Lets Compile the list of websites that are not available for Domain Names for which you need to ask them for Link Exchange in future!! This trick will allow you to find hundreds and even thousands of websites by using the different keyword combination and each time just look up for Unavailable domains to accomplish link exchange practice.


But what if you had a Website Page Rank greater than 5 and those unavailable domain websites that are bogus ( here i means that websites which have low PR or even No Page Rank.)


Breath a sign of relief for a moment coz “The Internet is the world’s largest library.  It’s just that all the books are on the floor” and you need to pick up the right one.

Back to my point now you need to find a websites that are as much reputed and authoritative as your Website!! Just copy the those unavailable domains of your niche ( that were generated from different keywords in Domain Name Suggestion Websites ) and copy them into Mass Page Rank checker or Bulk Page Rank Checker.  It will sort out a list of websites according to their Page Rank.


Just visit those websites and ask for the Link Exchange Program & also don’t forget to check their Footer Partner links too. Repeated this process again and again until you didn’t meet with the desired websites.


Getting Inbound links through Link Exchange Program is very effective and if done wisely can improve your Search Engine Rankings, link popularity and Traffic.